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How does your Security program integrate with the Audit, Compliance and Risk Management programs?  Are they connected or do you have gaps in coverage?  We can help.


We Can Do It All

We can work directly with the Chief Security Officer or step in as the interim leader.  We can assess, develop and refine all aspects of an integrated security program for organizations across industries, from small and medium-sized entities to global companies.

physical security

We can help you establish policies, procedures and action plan based on risk profile.

information and cyber security

We will assess maturity model and create an action plan for program governance within the risk framework.

third party due diligence

We can identify third party risk profile and highlight potential single points of failure, recommend physical and logical access enhancements.

crisis management

We will identify trends, create plans, conduct simulated exercises, enhance response capabilities.

business continuity

We will show you how to Integrate a life safety program with disaster recovery of IT systems.


Try Our Risk-based Approach

Scenario-based risk

Let us establish the “Why” first. We identify security risks and potential impact and probability before allocating resources.

use risk management framework

We integrate Security programs within the risk management framework to eliminate gaps and redundancies in coverage.

Reporting & analysis

We help you track and measure Security results consistent with other business metrics. We will help you develop quantitative and qualitative indicators to tell the story.

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