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forensic accounting


In a corporate setting, criminal matter or civil proceeding, we conduct forensic accounting investigations that can result in written reports, referral to law enforcement, behind the scenes consulting services or expert witness testimony.


We Can Do It All

Typically, we are retained by in-house or outside counsel to preserve attorney-client privilege. We analyze financial records and other information to develop a fact pattern, generate leads and reach expert opinions.

corporate investigations

We will assist you in fact gathering to determine potential policy violations, misconduct or fraud.

civil litigation

We will help you establish or refute proof of plaintiff claims in disputes or to support the calculation of economic damages.

criminal matters

We can partner with you to develop investigative leads, establish proof of criminal activity and write investigative reports for criminal referral to appropriate law enforcement agency.

matrimonial disputes

We will assist counsel in finding hidden assets, developing line of questioning for non-clients or indirectly calculate of income or net worth.

process reviews

We will provide recommendations to improve internal control environment or internal procedures.


Utilize Our Various Roles

corporate role

Create a fraud prevention program, utilize analytics, evaluate control environment and investigate wrong-doing represent key deliverables.

expert witness

Engagements include roles of consultant working behind the scene and expert witness delivering a report, testimony or assisting in evaluating opponent’s position.

law enforcement contact

When directed, utilize extensive global network to refer criminal conduct for potential law enforcement investigation and pursuit of legal proceedings.

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