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A high functioning Risk Management program helps an organization attain its strategic initiatives and optimize its opportunities.  It provides a holistic view of risks and ensures appropriate level of resources are allocated to the greatest risks.


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We help an enterprise bring Risk Management to life developing a program that fits the culture and supports the strategy.  It should become part of a decision-making behavior practiced throughout the organization.

Risk appetite

It starts with the Board’s articulation of the organization’s risk appetite.

Risk Assessments

The foundation of a risk management program is the continuous risk assessment effort, prioritizing risks, remediation and monitoring.

Key Risk Indicators

Establish leading and lagging indicators of risks at various tolerance levels based on the risk appetite. It results in focused attention on risks requiring action and follow up.

Reporting and analysis

To reinforce fact-based decision-making, analysis of risk results should be shared at appropriate levels of the organization.

Board of Directors

It is necessary to separate board governance of risk from senior executives management of risk.  Reporting should be adjusted, accordingly.


Separate Board Governance from Management Responsibility

more than a document

Risk Management is a discipline.  It is a learned behavior.  It is based on data and aids in fact-based decision-making. 

corporate governance

Board involvement includes setting risk appetite and organizational culture, while understanding cyber risk. Cyber risk should fit within industry-leading risk framework. 

Scenario Analaysis & emerging risk

Scenario analysis, when executed properly, helps identify emerging risks and where to best allocate resources.

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