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concierge personal risk management™


What do we do?  We help you plan for risks that arise through life events – some known and some unknown, and effectively respond to these events.

Think of us as your Life Risk Planner.  We’ll identify risks that you should plan for, prioritize necessary actions and actually help you implement your personal plan.  We’ll keep you on track and alert you to changes as they happen.  As your personal “concierge,” we will be available to assist you every step of the way. 



We Do It All: Assessment, Action Plan, Response.

We know our clients’ pain points and help them develop customized plans that fit their personality and risk tolerance. We help our clients manage risk and find solutions before the next crisis hits. We understand their philosophy and their goals. More importantly, we balance security with convenience.  Our clients are at all stages of life, career, family, sophistication, wealth and understanding of risk management principles.

Identify risk (life) events

Some life events like retirement, are known, but others may not be as predictable, such as an account breach,  caring for an aging parent or entering a new relationship.

Establish risk criteria for life events

We’re here to help you evaluate and prepare for any number of risk categories, including your safety and security risks, financial and legal risks.  We’ll do this after meeting personally with you, analyzing data you provide and understanding your external environment.

action plan

You will receive a plan that takes a pragmatic approach with very achievable steps to attain the level of preparedness we think is right for you.  We can adjust this over time as your circumstances and  the external environment changes.

on-going consulting

We are always available to review your plan, evaluate new challenges and respond to events.  Personal risk management is a journey, not a destination!


Try Our Trademarked Process

a team approach

With some clients, we work with their paid advisors to ensure risks do not fall through the cracks. If there is conflicting advice, we evaluate the pros and cons. For clients without advisors, we teach them how to manage risks and help them select advisors, when needed.

Trusted & Holistic

We provide objective information with no vested interest in the outcome. We are a true fiduciary. We help our clients connect the dots and adjust with the times. We teach our clients to be more disciplined about risk so they can make good decisions.

priced for everyone

With a goal to help those in need, we charge a single, flat fee for the assessment and action plan and another single, flat fee for a year of consulting. It is based on our clients’ needs and an ability to pay. We do not charge our clients referral fees, an hourly rate or for products they may purchase from others.

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