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If you are a professional advisor or family office, you are already protecting your client’s interests, but have you considered all of the risks in their life?


We Can Do It All

These are just a few external factors impacting people today.  Let Faer Risk Consulting, LLC assist you in protecting your clients’ interests across all aspects of their lives.

ask these important questions

  • What is the potential impact of the upward trend of major weather disasters?
  • Are your clients concerned about data breaches that continue at a high frequency and make a significant impact?
  • Will your clients be affected by Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, with one in three people aged 85 or older projected to have the disease by 2050?
  • With fraudsters expanding their reach and white-collar prosecutions down since the 1980’s, are your clients well protected?

do they need a personal safety and security plan that includes;


  • Online protection
  • Digital profile
  • Travel security
  • Assessing household staff
  • Storage of confidential information
  • Home protection and online connectivity
  • Preventing elderly exploitation
  • Protection of children 
  • Family continuity planning – thoughtful approach to allocating roles and responsibilities to insiders (family members, trusted advisors, household help) 

ensuring the pieces fit together

Financial, taxes, insurance, security, safety, job prospects, family dynamics and responsibilities, health and fitness approach. After identifying key personal risks, what action will your clients take? 

    1. Mitigate
    2. Manage
    3. Monitor
    4. Make Do

Real life considerations


    1. Balancing security with convenience
    2. Choosing between maintaining a low profile and the ability to receive help when required, which can be challenging for solo agers
    3. How to trust insiders with key decisions, information and duties while aging: ensure the proper controls are in place
    4. Regardless of stage of life, your clients are managing non-financial risks, such as job stability or relocation or a change in family structure

see the big picture

Understanding how one risk impacts another can bring clarity on how to allocate resources and what your next steps should be.


We Take  a Team Approach

risk management

Work closely with business owners and subject matter experts in the corporate functions to manage market, credit and operational risk. Help clarify potential impact and probability so as to focus on the most problematic risks.

security and forensic accounting

Partner with Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance to integrate Security program within the oversight function. Work with in-house and outside counsel to conduct investigations and report results.

concierge personal risk management

Coordinate with accountant, attorney, investment advisor, insurance broker and other advisors to manage risk and minimize the impact, resulting in financial savings to clients.

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