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Everyone has blind spots in how they manage risk. People form biases based on past experiences. You need a trusted advisor who can help you evaluate the risk.  Natural disasters, technology advancements and a change in the work environment are just a few external factors impacting the risk profile.  What about opportunity cost?  Did you take advantage of your last, big opportunity? A missed opportunity may not feel as painful but could be more impactful.  You need a trusted advisor who can help you evaluate the risk and decide a way forward.

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There is no one solution but usually a best approach with your risk tolerance AND individual personality or organizational culture.

  • A holistic approach eliminates gaps
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Our Specialties

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For individuals:   

Concierge personal risk management 


For organizations:  

enterprise risk management 

corporate security 

business continuity 

crisis management 

information security / cyber 

fraud and forensic Investigations 

third party risk management


for attorneys:

Forensic accounting for divorce and contract disputes



What We Can Do For You

We can help your organization create, implement or improve Risk Management, Security or Business Continuity / Crisis Management.  We can help your clients find assets and pursue criminal and civil remedies.  We can help individuals save significant money in preparing for events that will happen and other events that may or may not occur.

Risk managaement

Risk appetite, key risk indicators, risk assessments, reporting & analysis,

security and cyber

Physical security, crisis management, third party due diligences and business continuity programs,

forensic accounting

Investigations, expert witness testimony and written reports,

concierge personal risk management

Assessment, action plan and on-going consulting’for life’s uncertainties,

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