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Our logo is a pine cone, symbolic of human enlightenment. Through our services, our clients become enlightened about their personal risks.  The pine cone’s scales overlap, as do individual risks.  The brown color is reality, what exists today and what is being protected; the green represents growth and prosperity and what clients can achieve and optimize.

Proven Success

Client Testimonial

“As physicians, my wife and I are busy people with lots of competing pressures and frankly we were all over the shop when it came time to our personal and family arrangements.  We thought we had some understanding and planning, but on reflection, these were fragmented, and we really did not have a strong handle on our risks for the present and the future.  Jack solved this problem for us by taking a deep dive into our status, pulling things together and giving sage advice.  Jack has a wealth of risk management expertise and this carries over really well to personal risk.  He takes the time, is really thorough and his advice is valuable.  He does this with integrity, in confidence and without judgment.  We can’t recommend him highly enough.  Thank you, Jack!


A Team Of Professionals

jack A Faer


Trained as a CPA, former FBI agent. and Chief Risk Officer. Learn more here.


What We Do Best

enterprise risk management

Includes corporate governance, board reporting and risk framework.

crisis management

Preparation for and response to crisis events to include training exercises,

corporate security

All aspects of security and business continuity planning across industries,

Forensic accounting & investigations

Assist counsel in criminal and civil matters as a consultant or expert,

cyber security

Program governance, integration with risk framework and control assessment,

Concierge personal risk management

Preparation for life’s uncertainties across risk categories,

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