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Founded by Jack Faer, who trained as a CPA, MBA and FBI agent and held leadership roles with Deloitte, Fidelity, State Street and Iron Mountain, the firm stands for integrity, confidentiality and trust.  Finally, a unique offering of security, risk management and financial expertise to help individuals and enterprises manage risk in a holistic manner.  We show clients how to prepare for and respond to life events.  An unexpected crisis could  happen; we guide our clients every step of the way.

Concierge Personal Risk Management ®

Do you worry about your account being breached? Taking care of a parent?  A change in family structure or new relationship? An unforeseen medical event or sudden loss of capacity?  Your safety while traveling? Are you effectively managing your online profile?

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Are you an individual wanting to get ready for the next crisis? Want to understand your risks?      


Are you an enterprise trying to improve your risk management or security program?  Are you an individual in a dispute and need to trace the money?



Security, Risk and Forensic Accounting

 Is your Security program effective in today’s environment? Risks are dynamic and come from outside and within the organization.  How do you know you are managing the key risks?  Are you looking for money in a fraud, contractual dispute or divorce?  



“Jack has a wealth of risk management expertise and this carries over really well to personal risk.  He takes his time, is really thorough and his advice is valuable.  He does this with integrity, in confidence and without judgment.  Wish we had this service years ago!  Can’t recommend him enough.”

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